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August 2022

Keena, the Anointed Full Release

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The Far West is a plague-ravaged land where the dead refuse to stay dead thanks to the machinations of a crazed alchemist dabbling with forces he thinks he understands. How wrong he was. Aleric the Craven, a once-respected Coven Alchemist, has fallen to madness and corruption. He is now hunted by the Coven's Inquisitors. Anya Jaeger is but one of these holy bounty hunters carrying out justice with the aid of blessed six-shooting irons, holy blades, and the power of the Divine.

News and Updates

  • Eris, The Dune Hunter - Work In Progress Set 2

    I don't know what it is about this month, but everything has been taking longer than I like. Well, I DO know why. It's mostly down to the amount of hard surface work and the sheer scale of the model....

  • Eris, The Dune Hunter - Work In Progress Set 1

    Just got done with the large chunk of hard surface modelling for next month's model. Got the giant mechanical hand finished, just need to weather it and give it some damage. Also got the rifle finished, which will need some...

  • September 2022 - Monthly Round Up

    Ritual Casting Cult (Patreon Alternative) - Now Available Thanks to Maey and the folks who volunteered to test the system during the beta, I've got enough confidence to make Cultist Memberships available to everyone. Please be aware that while the...