February 2023 - Monthly Round Up

· By Ben Douglas

February 2023 - Monthly Round Up

Deus Spes Nostra Part 2: Lady Sin Available Now

Deus Spes Nostra Part 2: Lady Sin is now available for purchase from the store.

Morrigan Bust - Now available.

A Cultist exclusive for the last two months, the Morrigan bust is now available to everyone in the store.

Monthly Model

Arlok and Cerys

 When your kingdom is surrounded, the walls have fallen and the enemy pounds at the gate, how far would you go to protect your people? With her armies in retreat and the sky blotted out by the smoke of burning towns and cities, Queen Cerys is offered a weapon with which to defend her people.

  • 1:10 scale Cerys and Arlok statue
    • SFW and NSFW options
    • Combined, multipart, and pre-supported STLs
    • Magnet wells for 6x3mm and 4x2mm round magnets
    • Base cut for small and large form factor printers.
  • 1:1 scale Demon Spear
  • Painting Practice Texture Swatch - with 3 of the most prevalent textures to practice painting them.


Next Model

I don't have a name for the next model yet, but I've wanted to do a 1950s style raypunk character for a while so I'll be doing something along those lines with an accompanying pinup.