January 2023 - Monthly Round Up and Work In Progress

· By Ben Douglas

January 2023 - Monthly Round Up and Work In Progress

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2023, I hope everyone had a great holiday. This blog/email is a little late going out as I wanted to get a head start on sculpting and, to be honest, there really wasn't much to say otherwise.

It looks as though the pausing of the billing cycle worked as it should, so that was good to see. Billing will resume in February along with the next release.


Work In Progress  - The Temptation: Queen Cerys & Arlok

When your kingdom is surrounded, the walls have fallen and the enemy pounds at the gate, how far would you go to protect your people? With her armies in retreat and the sky blotted out by the smoke of burning towns and cities, Queen Cerys is offered a weapon with which to defend her people.
Originally I was going to work on a moon goddess but I found the story of this idea far more interesting and when my reference images consisted of Doc Brown, Tim the Enchanter and King Bumi for Arlok I ended up having a lot of fun. Still got lots of work to do but I'm happy with the start of it so far.


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