New Year: New Changes

By Ben Douglas

New Year: New Changes

I probably should have been doing news posts for a while but I guess it's never too late to start. I figured this might be a good idea as I've had to make a few changes going into 2022 that, I hope, will be better for myself and my business that I will address below.

Price Changes

I have had to make a slight increase to the price of my digital files as I must now collect VAT on sales from within the UK. This would result in a 20% loss in my sales if I didn't change the price of STL files. Having said that, I also don't want to increase the price too much as I don't want to pass the cost on to you guys either, so I'm having to compromise some.

I've increased the price of STL files by £1 (GBP) from £13 to £14 so it is only a 7.6% increase as opposed to 20%.

I hope this won't be an issue for anyone and I apologise if it is. It sucks to have to change things, but I've still got to run a business. Thankfully, I won't have to increase the price of my Patreon subscriptions as VAT is handled by Patreon and thus won't effect the income from there. If you'd like to save some cash on future models, then signing up for Patreon would be the best bet.

Stopping Physical Model Sales

As I mentioned above, I must now charge VAT and that becomes more complicated on physical goods exported to other countries. With physical orders making up a very small percentage of my orders, my resin of choice becoming more expensive, and taking a lot of time to produce the models I've made the decision to stop providing them directly. Combine that with how complicated VAT and taxes will become, and international and European customers having to pay import tax, I think it's probably for the best that I stop producing them so I can focus on my main trade.

You can, however, still purchase from my Licensed Merchants wherever may be local to you, ensuring that shipping and import tax won't be a problem.