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 35% Store Discount

35% Store Discount

35% Store Discount

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4K Renders
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Monthly 1:10 Full Model Release
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Current Monthly Model

April 2024

Sarysa v2 Full Release

Ritual Casting April 2024 Release featuring Sarysa for 3D printing.Become a Ritual Casting Cultist to gain access to this month's content and a 35% store...

Ritual Casting April 2024 Release featuring Sarysa for 3D printing.

Become a Ritual Casting Cultist to gain access to this month's content and a 35% store discount.

A new, more contemporary take on Sarysa, my succubus model from way back in 2019.

What You Get

  • 1:10 scale Sarysa V2 statue:
    • SFW and NSFW options
    • With or without wings
    • Combined, multipart, and pre-supported STLs
    • Magnet wells for 6x3mm and 4x2mm round magnets
    • Base cut for small and large form factor printers.

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  • The product will be added to your library for safekeeping, and you can download the files whenever you like and as often as you like at much faster speeds than my website is capable of.

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Warning: Several eBay stores are operating out of China selling bad casts of my work. If you wish to purchase a physical model, but shipping to your area of the world is too expensive, then please check out my Merchants if you're looking to buy locally to you.

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