June 2023 - Monthly Round Up

· By Ben Douglas

June 2023 - Monthly Round Up

Bastet Available Now

Bastet is now available for purchase from the store.

Monthly Model

Molly V2

I don't often revisit characters, but I thought it was about time Molly got some upgrades following a few of her successful jobs. This piece is one half of a planned diorama.


  • 1:10 scale Molly V2 statue with:
    • 2 Head options: With or without hair
    • 2 Base options: With or without particle effects (smoke/sparks)
    • 2 Upper Torso options: With or without jacket
    • SFW and NSFW versions
    • Combined, multipart, and pre-supported STLs
    • Magnet wells for 6x3mm and 4x2mm round magnets
    • Base cut for small and large form factor printers
  • Painting Practice Texture Swatch
  • 1:1 scale Yamato Bladeworks Thermal Edge TEX39 Sword

  • 1:1 scale Blackwell Defence Corp. Cutlass Battle Rifle