September 2023 - Monthly Round Up

· By Ben Douglas

September 2023 - Monthly Round Up

Angelic Mary Available Now

Grendel is now available for purchase from the store.

Monthly Model

Serena and the Fisherman

Emerging from the waters, much to the surprise of the fisherman, Serena takes an interest in the man in the boat. Her intentions known only to herself, one could perhaps take a guess given the fishing hooks woven into her bracelet...a trophy collection, perhaps?

What You Get

  • 1:10 scale Serena and the Fisherman diorama with:
    • Combined, multipart and pre-supported STLs
    • Magnet wells for 6x3 and 4x2mm round magnets
    • Multi-part base cut for large and small format printers

  • Full, uncut versions of Serena and the Fisherman's Boat for any potential resin pour dioramas (files are unsupported)

  • Painting Practice Texture Swatch