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The Dryad of Verdant Run Autumn, this figure depicts Autumn, an alluring dryad hanging out on the branch of her Home Tree. Those who wonder into her forest had better keep their wits about them for they may find themselves forgetting about their lives outside the forest, the dryad having worked her magic to convince them to stay and serve her and her forest home.

Dimensions and Features

Please note that 1:10 scale is the intended scale for these models.

1:14 Scale Statue Height: approx 125mm*

1:10 Scale Statue Height: approx 178mm*

*Height measurements are approximate and are measured from the bottom of the base to the tallest point of the model and don't take into account additional head options.

Post Processing Level

Once a piece has been 3D printed it requires post processing. Supports are necessary to ensure the print is successful and models must be hollowed and drainage holes need to be included. Generally speaking drain holes are placed in non-visible areas so these are rarely an issue. However, the supports must be removed before the part is cured. Removing the supports will often leave behind small nicks or nubs on the surface that must be either filled or sanded/filed. You can choose whether or not we do this for you. See below for details.

Basic - Parts are cleaned, supports are clipped off and part is post-cured. Expect to do some clean up such as sanding support nubs or small filling of support nicks and surface smoothing.

Advanced - We will do all of it for you. While we cannot guarantee that the received item will be entirely perfect (we're still human and some marks only show up after priming), we will deal with the vast majority of clean up leaving you very little to do yourself.

Lead Time and Shipping

All models are made to order and thus you should expect a lead time in order to prepare, print, post-process and ship your order. This should be no longer than a few days but please allow up to a week if you're planning your purchase for an occasion or gift. 

Free shipping to UK for orders of £55 or more.
Free shipping to Europe for orders of £75 or more.


We print figures at 30 micron layer heights (0.03mm) and bases at 50 microns (0.05mm) using Ameralabs AMD3 Black resin. After sampling dozens of resins Ameralabs AMD3 Black has proven time and time again to be the highest of quality with the most reliable and repeatable results. Please bear in mind, due to the hardness of the resin that helps to capture the tiniest of details the resin can be quite brittle, so please handle with care.


The model you receive will have been 3D printed. In order for a model to be 3D printed it has to be hollow to allow for proper cleaning and curing. Vent holes are placed in areas that are not on show to facilitate this. In some rare instances there may be a hole in a visible area and will need filling. All models require supports in order to print correctly. All care will be taken to remove as many support marks as possible before you receive the order. While all parts should fit without issue, you may find it necessary to undertake minor sanding, gap filling, cleanup and priming yourself.

You may notice some staining on your printed parts. This is, in part, due to using black resin and is a side effect of using IPA for the cleaning process. This staining is present on all 3D printed parts but less noticeable on grey or lighter coloured resin. Rest assured that this staining will not effect surface quality and will cover perfectly fine with primer.

Most kits are straight forward and easy to assemble using common sense and the imagery. Should directions be necessary you will find an insert in the package with information.