July 2022 - Monthly Round Up

· By Ben Douglas

July 2022 - Monthly Round Up

Ritual Casting Cult (Patreon Alternative) - Now In Closed Beta

The Ritual Casting Cult membership program is now in closed beta. A small group of volunteers are currently making sure everything is working ok. As it is now a new month it's probably around now that any issues will make themselves known, but fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.

While not exactly the same as Patreon (ie - it's not just a paywalled blog), features are comparable but also a lot more automated. Features currently include:

  • Discord Integration - This will not be automatic, though. You will need to hit the "Sync Discord" button from your account management page which, I think, is probably a better option as automatically joining Discords can be irritating.
  • Automatic Reward Fulfilment - There will no longer be any need to visit a post buried somewhere in Patreon's feed and click a link. Your reward will be fulfiled via Keyshop, the same app that fulfils orders of products purchased on my website. After signing up it will place an automatic order (at no cost of course) and fulfil it. Simply click the link in your email. This also avoids any issues with Itch.io's Patreon integration.
  • Permanent Discount Code - No need to find the new code each month. The code (RCCultist) is valid so long as you have a subscription and it will always be for the highest current discount. No need for separate sale discount codes.
  • Full Subscription Control - Control your subscription from the account page of my website.
  • Subscription Extensions - Sort of like Patreon's bill pausing, this will add a month to your subscription for free should I not be able to fulfil a month or take a holiday. It's not the best solution, but it is a solution.

With any luck, everything will work ok and any bugs will be sorted. I'm likely going to introduce this officially in September as I will be on holiday for a couple of weeks in August and don't want to be releasing something that could need my attention while I'm not around.

Holiday - 26th July to 12th August

Just a heads up that I will be on holiday from the 26th of July to the 12th of August. This shouldn't interfere with any releases and so I shouldn't need to pause billing. It's technically more of a honeymoon than a holiday as my partner and I will be getting married so it's both in one. We'll be in a different country with a spotty internet connection, so during this time, my response will likely be very delayed if anyone messages me.

Next Model - The Anointing - Keena

The sky is on fire. The Veil burns with eerie incandescence and from behind the ethereal embers the stars watch with a malignant permanence. With nothing to separate Aestara from the roiling void, it seeps into the land and spreads its stain, corrupting and spoiling whatever it touches. 

Since the war in the south, when the Scorching began, there have been sightings of strange creatures in the ancient and twisted forest of Gwithilyn and word of entire tribes disappearing within has finally reached the Treveri tribe. They now prepare their warriors and scouts to investigate the spreading shadow. 

In this two-part diorama, an untested warrior by the name of Keena kneels before Ronelle, the seeress of the Treveri and presents her blade to receive the Anointing before she departs on her quest.

Concept for Keena

Concept for diorama

Model of the Month: Aleric the Craven

The full release of Aleric the Craven includes:

This diorama is part 3 of a 3 part series. A unifying base brings together Aleric, Jericho and Anya into a single large-scale diorama. 

  • 1:10 scale statue of Aleric the Craven with:
    •  Whole and multi-piece base - For those with a smaller print volume
    •  Combined, Multi-part and Pre-supported STLs
  • 1:10 scale diorama base for large format printers (Elegoo Saturn and larger only)
    •  Whole and multi-piece base
    - multi-piece for Elegoo Saturn-sized printers and a single piece for even larger formats.
  • Painting practice texture swatch
  • 1:1 scale Tesla Skewer - with and without leather wraps