February 2022

Anne Bonny Full Release

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Ritual Casting February 2022 Patreon Release featuring Anne Bonny, Legendary Pirate for 3D printing.

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"As to hanging, it is no great hardship. For were it not for that, every cowardly fellow would turn pirate and so unfit the sea, that men of courage must starve." ~ Anne Bonny

What You Get

  • 1:10 scale statue diorama of Anne Bonny, Legendary Pirate with:
    • 3 head options - Bald, with hair, and with hair and hat
    • 2 arm and bandolier options - Pistol or sword in hand with matching bandolier
    • Combined, Multi-part and Pre-supported STLs
  • 1:10 scale artistic nude model of Anne Bonny, Legendary Pirate with:
    • Combined, Multi-part and Pre-supported STLs
  • 1 to 1 scale Flintlock Pistol
  • 1 to 1 scale Naval Sabre
  • Practice Texture Swatch - Practice painting the 4 most prominent textures of the model.

NOTE: Due to how thin some parts are I'm not officially supporting a 14th scale version of this model - I don't have the capacity to be able to make it printable at 14th scale.  However, if you wish to try it yourself then you will need to scale it down to 70% (reduce it by 30% or 28.5714286% if you're super picky).

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